Heart-to-heart transmission with Tamura Sensei by PELLERIN & TAMURA


Heart-to-heart transmission with Tamura Sensei.

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May 2009 – The seminar for teachers held every year in Austria has many particularities. Instructed by Tamura Sensei in the Austrian capital, this seminar is held in the Shumeikan Dojo of Vienna. The symbolism and quality of the place are part of what makes this seminar a unique moment of transmission, where all senses are heightened to better perceive what Tamura Sensei strives to pass on.

On this occasion, we had the opportunity of two interviews : Tamura Shihan develops the notion of Misogi harai (with the link between body and spirit) & Claude Pellerin Shihan (7th Dan) develops the notion of transmission in the practice of Aïkido.

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